Thursday, December 30, 2010

Decorate your Baby's room part 1: THE MUST HAVE

bouji & nouna often been asked for tips on how to decorate a baby room in a way that won't be too commercial, babyish or old...
Well, on the next few weeks they will search around the web for great items that will work perfectly on a baby room but also would do the job when your baby will come of age.

This time they've choose items that are a must on a baby's room on their opinion:
#1 - a rocking chair
A great addition to the baby's room. Great for nursing at the start and can be used from playing and reading later. The problem is that most rocking chairs are very aged, made of wood and have a very Old look.
However, don't worry, bouji & nouna found an alternative! They found great article on design sponge online, with some great alternative for any taste and budget.

bouji & nouna's favorite is the RAR rocking chair - a modern classic, designed by the legendary Eams brothers in the 1950's. A beautiful chair and bouji and nouna just adore it the clean and playful looks.
They've actually found a reproduction of him on E-bay for around 250UDS..

#2 - Wall art,
whether you preferred white walls or colorful. with wallpaper or without. Some wall art will dependently pup out your design.
You'll find it really easy to find wall hanging for your baby's room, all you need is some imagination...
Here some suggestion:

1. Chalkboard Vinyl Wall Decals by wallstickz - a fun way to let your child be creative. 
2. Antique 1902 World Map - Canada and Newfoundland by OldTimersClub - Can be framed or just glue to the wall as an original wallpaper. Another great idea - vinyl a map of your state and mark on it your town, grand moms town, etc. 
3. Toy Soldier And Horse Antique Toy Print Illustrated By Emanuel Hercik by KingPaper.fram a page from an old book you really  love, your child would love it too! 
Do we really need to say more? multi uses can be on this hip holder. And he's so pretty too...
6. GROW recycled-wood sign by WilliamDohman
7. Wall Pockets by greencouchdesign.
8. 3D Wall Butterflies by hipandclavicle. You can even Try to DIY those...
9. Bucky - Cardboard Deer Trophy by CardboardSafari. for a nature child...

Unique Like a baby - bouji & nouna

hAppY NeW 2011!

So bouji & nouna have been very busy lately with all the holidays and the vocations... but now it seems like they can put it all behind them and start focusing on the new year celebrations!
First of all, to all bouji & nouna's lovers from Israel... Soon you will be able to find their unique bedding in some wonderful baby boutiques in Israel! We promise to let you know where as soon as it would happened!
Secondly, bouji & nouna are starting working on their new collection that will be out on spring time... Hip hip!
They're promising some new surprises and colorful collection than ever!

So that's it guys,
Have a wonderful 2011 and see you soon!
Unique likes a Baby - bouji & nouna

Monday, December 13, 2010

Last minute Christmas shopping?

bouji & nouna are glad to offer you a Gift certificates on their Etsy shop Just in time for the holidays!

 If you know someone who loves retro design and or having a new baby, but you'd prefer to let them choose their own, the gift certificate is the perfect solution.
The gift certificate will arrive to your's or your recipient's Email within 24 hours from purchase! 
Christmas shopping has never been easier!

Thursday, December 02, 2010


bouji & nouna's new BEAR DOTS pouf

23 Days 'until Christmas and bouji & nouna on-line shop offer 
One product, Huge Discount only for one hour! 
Join bouji & nouna's FaceBook page  or follow bouji & nouna on twitter  to enjoy the discount.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

bouji & nouna have a new pillow collection!

Just in time for cold winter nights, bouji & nouna are releasing a new pillow collection called "Pebbles".
Pillows are made from the softest cuddly fleece and filled with the fluffiest polyester filling to make it perfectly squeezable yet firm. 
With a hip modern design they would fit any room and can be a great holiday gift!

Monday, November 29, 2010

bouji & nouna are proud to introduce their new storage collection Just in time for the holidays!

There is no such thing as too much storage in any house, and bouji & nouna are very aware too that, since they have the same problem... That's why they came up with this brand new storage collection.

The inspiration for this collection is Origami ( from ori meaning "folding", and kami meaning "paper") the traditional Japanese folk art of paper folding, which started in the 17th century AD and was popularized in the mid-1900s. 
Our collection made from 100% wool felt and can be perfect for Babies through Adults. 
It can also make a great Gift!
At this moment, they've released two designs - Quack and the envelope box, but more designs and sizes are on the way!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some stock notification!

bouji & nouna are sad to announce that temporary our "Rounding orange" fitted crib sheet, and also "Rounding orange" Crib bed skirt are out of stock!

Our "The Adventures of Peter Pan" pouf is also sold out!

We'll let you know as soon as they will be back and more about new products real soon!

Friday, October 15, 2010

A few Points you probably havn't thought about regarding your baby sleep (Or the philosopy behind bouji & nouna designs)

Hi guys,

bouji & nouna have just returned from the ABC Expo that took place in Las-Vegas USA.

We had a great time and had a lot of flight hours to think about and we chose to share it with you... (almost 16 hours to each way.. not so much fun...)

Have you ever thought of your baby's sleeping habits?

Have you noticed were or when he sleeps on his best sleep?

Well, you don't have to answer that...

Babies are falling asleep mostly and much easier while exploring their environment! 
Yes, We know Those aren't big news.. but just think about it, while going to the mall, on stroller time, while sitting on the car seat... On all of Those locations, regardless of the noises around and all the people. Those are the times babies have their fastest sleep!

So why does it happen? Ever stopped thinking about it? Why at home, on the quietest  and calm environment your baby won't go to sleep as easily as outdoor?

Well bouji & nouna have a suggestion, but for that you'll have to stop thinking as an adult and try to think like a baby... Can you do that?

When we try to make our baby to go to sleep on a quiet home with calm colors around and silent music, we are actually trying to make him sleep like we as adults like to go to sleep.

Babies, unlike adults are learning all the time and don't really need this break to fall asleep. The other thing is correct, babies are trying to learn there surrounding at all time. They're trying to focus on objects. They're listening. They're smelling. They're feeling, all the time.

Outdoor, they have a lot to explore and that make them tired really fast, think about you trying to learn several new languages at the same time, wouldn't it makes you tired and you fall asleep pretty fast?

However, unlike what we adult might think. They need those things around them at all time like an adult who need a book before he goes to sleep... this is their bed time story!

bouji and nouna keep this fact in mind while designing their crib bedding collections, babies can't read, and don't really care for design or pastel colors (don't worry your princess will like baby pink at some point). In fact, at their first year they can't really see the difference between pastel colors - they all seem gray to them.

 But they do care for bold and vibrant colors, shapes and textures that they can learn and explore.

So when you go out to shop for your baby's bedding and nursery decor, look at the designs for a baby point of you, not an adult. Forget about "made for babies designed for you" products. Look for bold colors and shapes. Think about it as if you're buying your baby a book, wouldn't you look for the one with the most beautiful colors and fab drawings on it? It would stimulate your baby to explore his environment and would make sleep time a lot easier!

Check out bouji & nouna baby bedding and nursery decor collection for some great products that are unique almost like your baby.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The recipe for a healthy curious baby is bouji & nouna!

bouji & nouna just found this fab article on about Babies Awareness of Colors.
One of the lines that really caught our eye is that "In the early months a baby’s brain works hard to learn and distinguish colors. Researchers have recently discovered that by as early as four months of age babies have not only learned to distinguish these colors, but develop a particular preference for a certain colors as well. Which Color or spectrum of colors is preferred will likely be unique to the baby and many babies show delight in a wide range of colors. However, even if parents notice a baby’s particular fondness for a Color researchers still suspect that it is best to expose the baby to a wide variety of colors and patterns to further their development."

So go ahead and expose your baby to a wide variety of colors & patterns with bouji & nouna! 

Saturday, September 04, 2010

bouji & nouna will be at Las Vegas ABC Kids Expo October 2010

bouji & nouna will be at the upcoming October 10-13 in Las Vegas with their entire collection!

We would love to meet you there!  We are excited to offer low order minimums and flexible mix-and-match.

  special offer for orders on time of the show!

Be the first to see!  Be the first to order!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New on bouji & nouna shop - Cuddly fleece baby blanket - girl

So the heat is still here, and bouji and nouna do their best to be most of the time on the pool to refresh a little. However, they don't forget that the fall is near by and the cool evening breeze is almost here. So they have been braved enough to start creating a new line of Cuddly fleece baby blankets that are just perfect for almost anything a baby might like to do: nap time, tummy time, playtime, stroller time, off to Grandma's, a number of purposes.

It's got polifil batting for extra comfort and with Generously size of 48" x33" it will be Perfect for your newborn or toddler!

The first release is designed for girls, but don't worry, More designs are on the way...

This blanket collection will make a great shower gift!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Vintage Extravaganza

New dolls and stuffed animals made for original vintage fabrics!

All the designs are for sale on our shop:

Also, join Our Facebook page and enjoy a special offer!


bouji & nouna

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

bouji & nouna - Hip unique and stylish!

Sarah from just posted a great review on bouji & nouna collection and featured so many of our products!
Check out her review ( a special surprise is waiting for you there...)

bouji & nouna  Unique Designs + Contemporary Baby

The Adventures of Peter Pan - A New Addition to our pouf collection!

A sweet and bright pouf in blue, red and cream. depicting The Peter Pan, Captain hook and Wendy!
Great gift to any Books and Adventure lovers!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Have you heard it's christmas?


It's Christmas in July on bouji & nouna's Etsy shop!
Spend $150.00 or more and get a FREE Puppy silhouette Pillow!

                                  POP IT Puppy silhouette Pillow

Don't forget to let us know during checkout what pillow you'll like to have...

bouji & nouna  Unique Designs + Contemporary Baby

Thursday, July 15, 2010

bouji & nouna got style!

Child style magazine Just posted an article about the bouji&nouna's collection. Featuring our HAPPY SKIES bumper set, HEAT UP Puppy silhouette Pillow and our Urban View Canvas print.

bouji &nouna was very happy to find it!

Thank you child style magazine Admin for telling your readers about bouji & nouna's collection!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Too many little babies clothing around? What to do?!?

We know it, When they are so tiny you just Can't help yourself from buying more and more cute items for them... but what to do with it after they've grown? Finding yourself a clear room and just keep them there in case their will be another one on the further?

 From that need, bouji & nouna created their new Eco friendly Floor Cushion/Pouf 
A sweet floor pouf Made with Home Decor Weight Cotton Canvas.

Adding that perfect touch of modern elegance to any room! ...

Why Eco friendly?
For some reasons, first of all it  shipped unfilled for ease of postage and handling. Secondly, We recommend filling with your unneeded baby clothing, old sheets, stuffed toys, fabric leftovers, etc. every thing goes as long as it soft and cleans some room for you...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Time!

So summer is here and for bouji & nouna it means going to the beach,
 Sleep over parties and lot's of fun!

 School is over ,bouji just finished his first year and nouna is busy enjoying the sun!

Happy Summer time All!

Let us know what you're  planing for the summer and you might get our Heat up pillow!

All The details are on our Facebook page!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cards Cards Cards

bouji & nouna haven't used a business card until recent...

They found it unneeded in the fab virtual world they work on, but lately they've read this great article called "3 Reasons You Still Need A Business Card", by Natasha Attal of Composure Marketing  and decided they should really get one.

So, now they have a fab BC to present themselves to the real world out there!

What do you think?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

bouji & nouna's big FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY Have a winner!

bouji & nouna strongly believe that in order to get some you need to give some. And this time they truly gave!

Congratulations to: Sarah Booth who  won a 100$ Gift card for our Etsy shop! And We decided to add as a surprise. Just in order to tell you all --THANK YOU ---Two more winners! So Kelly Brett and Adi DigitalPerfection That  won a $25 voucher each!

Hope you all Enjoy our giveaway and see you on our next FB surprise!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

bouji & nouna's big FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY!

bouji & nouna just love presents.

 But you know what they say, in order to get some you need to give some... and this time they took this saying to the max!

They're having a crazy giveaway to their FB Fans and the winner will get a 100$ gift card to there's Etsy shop!

Check out bouji & nouna's FB Fans page for all the details on how you might win this generous gift...

Spring Time!

bouji & nouna Just love this time of the year when it's getting hot during the day (very hot actually), and they can play outside all afternoon.

nouna's favorite is to go around our neighbors gardens and collect flowers, mostly the ping ones - what can we do? She's this kind of pink loving girl...:)

So that feeling of hod days and pink flowers we've created this beautiful treasury on

Thanks to all the magnificent artist who made it so wonderful!
 SpringColors, PillowPallooza, studioamiel, lolaAlexander, EyePopArt, FiligreeCreations, littlemonkeys,ivoryandmoss, baronika5, BrianaEdelmanDesigns, rafya, skinbodyworks, BigBadVintage, SigalitAlcalai, CharlotteHarlot, Rolyzcreations

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Mondeial is aroound the corner...

The Mondial is starting at the end of May, and theirs a big excitement here about it.

bouji is a fan of two groups - Spain and Argentina! Because he Fans two Barcelona players - Xavi Hernandez and The one and only Leo Messi.

 So in that honor we introduce to you our own privet Messi - bouji new puppy - we're not sure what kind he is, but he's super cute And chubby ...;)

See you at May 31!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is It Summer yet?

Well, bouji & nouna aren't sure, but it's definitely very hot here in sunny Israel, and it becomes even hotter. When they found out that their Icterine and cubes Puppy silhouette Pillow being featured on this beautiful treasury list on made by a very talented artist called promopocket that create some fantastic digital designs which bouji & nouna really loved!
Thank you Tom and good luck with your fab shop!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A little moment of pure joy...

Yesterday wasn't a really day for us, Too many things didn't work at our quite as we expected.

On those moments, we love to go home, to our two little sunshine's and just huge then, kiss their little faces and see their beautiful smiles...

We don't really care if they're busy, sleeping or doing something else... we just need them, at this moment, for us...

With them, All the noise around us just disappear, we feel like we can bite the world, and we know, by smelling theirs breath, that everything will be OK.

We love you! our own privet bouji & nouna!

Friday, April 30, 2010

New Addiction

bouji and nouna have a new addiction! We found a Fab  design blog called "Furniture Fashion" That is all about one of our biggest loves, modern interior design. The writer of this blog always finds some super cool unique designs that make us often a bit jealous that we haven't thought about first... If we could we would have bought so many things from the manufactures presented there!
They also have a daily newsletter that send to your mailbox the latest posts they've published. This blog often makes us sing "If I was a rich man..."

Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Star of today! Icterine and cubes Puppy silhouette Pillow being featured on 3 ( three) Etsy treasuries!

One of our favorite pillows from "The modern life" collection Icterine and cubes have been chosen by three sweet Etsian artists to take part on their wonderful treasuries!

So thank you lavenders, Rolyzcreations and TheJoyofColor!

Take a look at those wonderful collections!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Enjoy the silence...

bouji & nouna really love to create treasury lists, but unfortunately, lately it's been impossible for than to catch one... that's why they were so happy to find out about Etsy treasury East, which is open all the time and allow you to create a list anytime!

Another great option on this treasury is the ability to share your list on FB and twitter!

 So today we have created our first treasury East list:

We would like to thank all the fab artists that made this wonderful list possible:

Our Puppy silhouette Pillow - Bubble Gum is featured not ones but twice !

Well, days go on and bouji & nouna find themselves being featured time after time by different Etsyian on their beautiful treasury collections.

Today it's our Bubble Gum silhouette Pillow That has been chosen by two artists.

Thank you artefyk and orlydesign! You made bouji & nouna very happy today!

Our POP IT Puppy silhouette Pillow is featured on Etsy treasury!

bouji & nouna are so happy to see that their new collection is being picked by Etsy sellers to be featured on their Etsy treasuries!

Today it's our POP IT pillow that being featured on driaa's list called "Red, Hot and fairy"

driaa is creating sweet handmade dolls, and we love her work and would like to thank her for including our pillow on this fab list!

Modern, Clean and fantastic!

As you probably know, we're really passion about modern design and search for it world wide..

That was our inspiration for the last treasury list we've created called "Our Modern Home".

bouji & nouna would like to thank all the etsy artist who created and collected such adorable items:













Don't miss those fab Etsy shops!