Thursday, December 30, 2010

Decorate your Baby's room part 1: THE MUST HAVE

bouji & nouna often been asked for tips on how to decorate a baby room in a way that won't be too commercial, babyish or old...
Well, on the next few weeks they will search around the web for great items that will work perfectly on a baby room but also would do the job when your baby will come of age.

This time they've choose items that are a must on a baby's room on their opinion:
#1 - a rocking chair
A great addition to the baby's room. Great for nursing at the start and can be used from playing and reading later. The problem is that most rocking chairs are very aged, made of wood and have a very Old look.
However, don't worry, bouji & nouna found an alternative! They found great article on design sponge online, with some great alternative for any taste and budget.

bouji & nouna's favorite is the RAR rocking chair - a modern classic, designed by the legendary Eams brothers in the 1950's. A beautiful chair and bouji and nouna just adore it the clean and playful looks.
They've actually found a reproduction of him on E-bay for around 250UDS..

#2 - Wall art,
whether you preferred white walls or colorful. with wallpaper or without. Some wall art will dependently pup out your design.
You'll find it really easy to find wall hanging for your baby's room, all you need is some imagination...
Here some suggestion:

1. Chalkboard Vinyl Wall Decals by wallstickz - a fun way to let your child be creative. 
2. Antique 1902 World Map - Canada and Newfoundland by OldTimersClub - Can be framed or just glue to the wall as an original wallpaper. Another great idea - vinyl a map of your state and mark on it your town, grand moms town, etc. 
3. Toy Soldier And Horse Antique Toy Print Illustrated By Emanuel Hercik by KingPaper.fram a page from an old book you really  love, your child would love it too! 
Do we really need to say more? multi uses can be on this hip holder. And he's so pretty too...
6. GROW recycled-wood sign by WilliamDohman
7. Wall Pockets by greencouchdesign.
8. 3D Wall Butterflies by hipandclavicle. You can even Try to DIY those...
9. Bucky - Cardboard Deer Trophy by CardboardSafari. for a nature child...

Unique Like a baby - bouji & nouna

hAppY NeW 2011!

So bouji & nouna have been very busy lately with all the holidays and the vocations... but now it seems like they can put it all behind them and start focusing on the new year celebrations!
First of all, to all bouji & nouna's lovers from Israel... Soon you will be able to find their unique bedding in some wonderful baby boutiques in Israel! We promise to let you know where as soon as it would happened!
Secondly, bouji & nouna are starting working on their new collection that will be out on spring time... Hip hip!
They're promising some new surprises and colorful collection than ever!

So that's it guys,
Have a wonderful 2011 and see you soon!
Unique likes a Baby - bouji & nouna

Monday, December 13, 2010

Last minute Christmas shopping?

bouji & nouna are glad to offer you a Gift certificates on their Etsy shop Just in time for the holidays!

 If you know someone who loves retro design and or having a new baby, but you'd prefer to let them choose their own, the gift certificate is the perfect solution.
The gift certificate will arrive to your's or your recipient's Email within 24 hours from purchase! 
Christmas shopping has never been easier!

Thursday, December 02, 2010


bouji & nouna's new BEAR DOTS pouf

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