Wednesday, May 26, 2010

bouji & nouna's big FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY!

bouji & nouna just love presents.

 But you know what they say, in order to get some you need to give some... and this time they took this saying to the max!

They're having a crazy giveaway to their FB Fans and the winner will get a 100$ gift card to there's Etsy shop!

Check out bouji & nouna's FB Fans page for all the details on how you might win this generous gift...

Spring Time!

bouji & nouna Just love this time of the year when it's getting hot during the day (very hot actually), and they can play outside all afternoon.

nouna's favorite is to go around our neighbors gardens and collect flowers, mostly the ping ones - what can we do? She's this kind of pink loving girl...:)

So that feeling of hod days and pink flowers we've created this beautiful treasury on

Thanks to all the magnificent artist who made it so wonderful!
 SpringColors, PillowPallooza, studioamiel, lolaAlexander, EyePopArt, FiligreeCreations, littlemonkeys,ivoryandmoss, baronika5, BrianaEdelmanDesigns, rafya, skinbodyworks, BigBadVintage, SigalitAlcalai, CharlotteHarlot, Rolyzcreations

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Mondeial is aroound the corner...

The Mondial is starting at the end of May, and theirs a big excitement here about it.

bouji is a fan of two groups - Spain and Argentina! Because he Fans two Barcelona players - Xavi Hernandez and The one and only Leo Messi.

 So in that honor we introduce to you our own privet Messi - bouji new puppy - we're not sure what kind he is, but he's super cute And chubby ...;)

See you at May 31!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is It Summer yet?

Well, bouji & nouna aren't sure, but it's definitely very hot here in sunny Israel, and it becomes even hotter. When they found out that their Icterine and cubes Puppy silhouette Pillow being featured on this beautiful treasury list on made by a very talented artist called promopocket that create some fantastic digital designs which bouji & nouna really loved!
Thank you Tom and good luck with your fab shop!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A little moment of pure joy...

Yesterday wasn't a really day for us, Too many things didn't work at our quite as we expected.

On those moments, we love to go home, to our two little sunshine's and just huge then, kiss their little faces and see their beautiful smiles...

We don't really care if they're busy, sleeping or doing something else... we just need them, at this moment, for us...

With them, All the noise around us just disappear, we feel like we can bite the world, and we know, by smelling theirs breath, that everything will be OK.

We love you! our own privet bouji & nouna!