Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New design - nona's Boho Jacket

It's not frequently that we finish a new design with a big smile on our face, but this time we did!
We can't
decide precisely
what brought us this big smile,
The fab vintage fabric? The super cute design? Or is it the thought of nouna wearing this sweet jacket?!

Anyway, it will be available soon on our Etsy shop on a variety of vintage fabrics and will be sold as an individual
piece or with a matching jumper! so much fun!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Autumn winds...

Yes, it's true, we live in sunny Israel and can't enjoy a real fall, as much as we can't enjoy a real winter - we just don't have them...
But stil, we like to fantasize about cloudy days, falling leafes and cat and dogs rain...
Although the temperatures out side are just rising and not showing any sign of getting colder, we are starting to release our FALL-WINTER 2010 Apparel COLLECTION.
This collection, as our previous ones will be full with Vintage fabrics with great shapes and colores.
The dominant colores will be brown, green, turquoise and coral and will be complexed with a twin dress jacket set, sweet jumpers and corduroy pants.
On the next few days, our new Apparel collection will be available on our etsy shop!
Check it out!