Friday, April 30, 2010

New Addiction

bouji and nouna have a new addiction! We found a Fab  design blog called "Furniture Fashion" That is all about one of our biggest loves, modern interior design. The writer of this blog always finds some super cool unique designs that make us often a bit jealous that we haven't thought about first... If we could we would have bought so many things from the manufactures presented there!
They also have a daily newsletter that send to your mailbox the latest posts they've published. This blog often makes us sing "If I was a rich man..."

Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Star of today! Icterine and cubes Puppy silhouette Pillow being featured on 3 ( three) Etsy treasuries!

One of our favorite pillows from "The modern life" collection Icterine and cubes have been chosen by three sweet Etsian artists to take part on their wonderful treasuries!

So thank you lavenders, Rolyzcreations and TheJoyofColor!

Take a look at those wonderful collections!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Enjoy the silence...

bouji & nouna really love to create treasury lists, but unfortunately, lately it's been impossible for than to catch one... that's why they were so happy to find out about Etsy treasury East, which is open all the time and allow you to create a list anytime!

Another great option on this treasury is the ability to share your list on FB and twitter!

 So today we have created our first treasury East list:

We would like to thank all the fab artists that made this wonderful list possible:

Our Puppy silhouette Pillow - Bubble Gum is featured not ones but twice !

Well, days go on and bouji & nouna find themselves being featured time after time by different Etsyian on their beautiful treasury collections.

Today it's our Bubble Gum silhouette Pillow That has been chosen by two artists.

Thank you artefyk and orlydesign! You made bouji & nouna very happy today!

Our POP IT Puppy silhouette Pillow is featured on Etsy treasury!

bouji & nouna are so happy to see that their new collection is being picked by Etsy sellers to be featured on their Etsy treasuries!

Today it's our POP IT pillow that being featured on driaa's list called "Red, Hot and fairy"

driaa is creating sweet handmade dolls, and we love her work and would like to thank her for including our pillow on this fab list!

Modern, Clean and fantastic!

As you probably know, we're really passion about modern design and search for it world wide..

That was our inspiration for the last treasury list we've created called "Our Modern Home".

bouji & nouna would like to thank all the etsy artist who created and collected such adorable items:













Don't miss those fab Etsy shops!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our HEAT UP Pillow is featured on Etsy treasury!

Happy Tuesday all!

We have just been informed that our HEAT UP pillow is been featured on etsy treasury list called "Let me know".

It's a great way to start our day and would like to thank MyMoms for creating such a fab collection!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

New on bouji & nouna shop - Da Da Car

bouji & nouna are a big fans of the mid century designs and bouji in particular love old cars...
This darling canvas print is An Original bouji & nouna drawing called "Da Da Car" .
Inspired by a 1950's car ads and the beautiful cars that were back than...
We just love this hot red car that is perfect for any room, for a little splash of hot red color!

It's Digitally printed on Gallery frames and Arrives Ready to hang So you just need to order and make some space on your wall....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Red Passion

Days gone by as you know, and bouji and nouna are being featured on another treasury along with so many wonderful creations!
We would like to thank GaliMPaper who made such a fab collection and chose bouji & nouna's Puppy silhouette Pillow - POP IT  to take part on it!

Friday, April 16, 2010

It Must be Love!

bouji & nouna are featured today in this beautiful treasury list with our "Ooh La La" bumper set.

We would like to Thank  MagicLace That, we absolutely adore her clothing and accessories, who made this wonderful list and choose bouji & nouna to be featured on this collection!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Israeli Holocaust Memorial day

Today is the Israeli Holocaust Memorial day.
And all of us stop for a minute from our every day activity in order to remember all of those. How were murdered by man evil.
As a third generation to the holocaust survivors I feel that it's our responsibility to never forget the horror and do anything to be as humanity as possible to human suffer were ever he is.
We shouldn't forget how cruel people can be, How easy it is to hate and lose our morality...
We should never forget that when people lose their humanity, they don't mercy a soul. Never mind if it's a young baby, a student, a soldier or a pregnant mother - no one is safe.
The Nazi monster did not spare anyone. Millions of babies, toddlers and children were murdered taken from their mom's hand. People were murdered for their religion believes, their sexuality, Their origins... and not just them but their entire family.
We should all say - NEVER AGAIN!
Not in Europe, Africa or anywhere else on the planet.
We should see in front of our eyes what people are capable of doing and to do everything we can to prevent it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Modern Life - bouji & nouna new 2010 collection!

So, after so many sleepless nights and Working around the clock... It's finally here!
bouji & nouna new 2010 collections!
We chose to call it "THE MODERN LIFE" since we were inspired on this one from the modern and clean design that was typical in the mid 20th century.
We are so excited about it! Since it's the first time that we created a commercial collection... Every item is still, as always, made by hand - We believe that babies are special... - Therefore, items are near One Of a kind and quantities are limited.
The collection is full of colors, as all of our products before, and super cool retro fabrics and prints. You'll find some owls having a party, Kids flying some cute kites. You may also like to visit Paris or take a tour on a super stylish modern home...
We also have some stylish dog shadow pillows in a variety of colors and prints.
Be sure to check back often in order to insure that you don't miss out on getting that perfect near the one-of-a-kind piece for that special little ones in your life or as a wonderful gift for some lucky family member or friend.
Enjoy shopping!