Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Modern Life - bouji & nouna new 2010 collection!

So, after so many sleepless nights and Working around the clock... It's finally here!
bouji & nouna new 2010 collections!
We chose to call it "THE MODERN LIFE" since we were inspired on this one from the modern and clean design that was typical in the mid 20th century.
We are so excited about it! Since it's the first time that we created a commercial collection... Every item is still, as always, made by hand - We believe that babies are special... - Therefore, items are near One Of a kind and quantities are limited.
The collection is full of colors, as all of our products before, and super cool retro fabrics and prints. You'll find some owls having a party, Kids flying some cute kites. You may also like to visit Paris or take a tour on a super stylish modern home...
We also have some stylish dog shadow pillows in a variety of colors and prints.
Be sure to check back often in order to insure that you don't miss out on getting that perfect near the one-of-a-kind piece for that special little ones in your life or as a wonderful gift for some lucky family member or friend.
Enjoy shopping!

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