Monday, April 12, 2010

Israeli Holocaust Memorial day

Today is the Israeli Holocaust Memorial day.
And all of us stop for a minute from our every day activity in order to remember all of those. How were murdered by man evil.
As a third generation to the holocaust survivors I feel that it's our responsibility to never forget the horror and do anything to be as humanity as possible to human suffer were ever he is.
We shouldn't forget how cruel people can be, How easy it is to hate and lose our morality...
We should never forget that when people lose their humanity, they don't mercy a soul. Never mind if it's a young baby, a student, a soldier or a pregnant mother - no one is safe.
The Nazi monster did not spare anyone. Millions of babies, toddlers and children were murdered taken from their mom's hand. People were murdered for their religion believes, their sexuality, Their origins... and not just them but their entire family.
We should all say - NEVER AGAIN!
Not in Europe, Africa or anywhere else on the planet.
We should see in front of our eyes what people are capable of doing and to do everything we can to prevent it.

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