Friday, October 15, 2010

A few Points you probably havn't thought about regarding your baby sleep (Or the philosopy behind bouji & nouna designs)

Hi guys,

bouji & nouna have just returned from the ABC Expo that took place in Las-Vegas USA.

We had a great time and had a lot of flight hours to think about and we chose to share it with you... (almost 16 hours to each way.. not so much fun...)

Have you ever thought of your baby's sleeping habits?

Have you noticed were or when he sleeps on his best sleep?

Well, you don't have to answer that...

Babies are falling asleep mostly and much easier while exploring their environment! 
Yes, We know Those aren't big news.. but just think about it, while going to the mall, on stroller time, while sitting on the car seat... On all of Those locations, regardless of the noises around and all the people. Those are the times babies have their fastest sleep!

So why does it happen? Ever stopped thinking about it? Why at home, on the quietest  and calm environment your baby won't go to sleep as easily as outdoor?

Well bouji & nouna have a suggestion, but for that you'll have to stop thinking as an adult and try to think like a baby... Can you do that?

When we try to make our baby to go to sleep on a quiet home with calm colors around and silent music, we are actually trying to make him sleep like we as adults like to go to sleep.

Babies, unlike adults are learning all the time and don't really need this break to fall asleep. The other thing is correct, babies are trying to learn there surrounding at all time. They're trying to focus on objects. They're listening. They're smelling. They're feeling, all the time.

Outdoor, they have a lot to explore and that make them tired really fast, think about you trying to learn several new languages at the same time, wouldn't it makes you tired and you fall asleep pretty fast?

However, unlike what we adult might think. They need those things around them at all time like an adult who need a book before he goes to sleep... this is their bed time story!

bouji and nouna keep this fact in mind while designing their crib bedding collections, babies can't read, and don't really care for design or pastel colors (don't worry your princess will like baby pink at some point). In fact, at their first year they can't really see the difference between pastel colors - they all seem gray to them.

 But they do care for bold and vibrant colors, shapes and textures that they can learn and explore.

So when you go out to shop for your baby's bedding and nursery decor, look at the designs for a baby point of you, not an adult. Forget about "made for babies designed for you" products. Look for bold colors and shapes. Think about it as if you're buying your baby a book, wouldn't you look for the one with the most beautiful colors and fab drawings on it? It would stimulate your baby to explore his environment and would make sleep time a lot easier!

Check out bouji & nouna baby bedding and nursery decor collection for some great products that are unique almost like your baby.

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