Friday, September 10, 2010

The recipe for a healthy curious baby is bouji & nouna!

bouji & nouna just found this fab article on about Babies Awareness of Colors.
One of the lines that really caught our eye is that "In the early months a baby’s brain works hard to learn and distinguish colors. Researchers have recently discovered that by as early as four months of age babies have not only learned to distinguish these colors, but develop a particular preference for a certain colors as well. Which Color or spectrum of colors is preferred will likely be unique to the baby and many babies show delight in a wide range of colors. However, even if parents notice a baby’s particular fondness for a Color researchers still suspect that it is best to expose the baby to a wide variety of colors and patterns to further their development."

So go ahead and expose your baby to a wide variety of colors & patterns with bouji & nouna! 

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