Thursday, July 08, 2010

Too many little babies clothing around? What to do?!?

We know it, When they are so tiny you just Can't help yourself from buying more and more cute items for them... but what to do with it after they've grown? Finding yourself a clear room and just keep them there in case their will be another one on the further?

 From that need, bouji & nouna created their new Eco friendly Floor Cushion/Pouf 
A sweet floor pouf Made with Home Decor Weight Cotton Canvas.

Adding that perfect touch of modern elegance to any room! ...

Why Eco friendly?
For some reasons, first of all it  shipped unfilled for ease of postage and handling. Secondly, We recommend filling with your unneeded baby clothing, old sheets, stuffed toys, fabric leftovers, etc. every thing goes as long as it soft and cleans some room for you...

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