Thursday, November 19, 2009

New design - Our elephant family

On the past we had Meni the elephant, he was sweet and he left us to some great new families We're sure that take a good care of him...( It wont heart you to call sometimes Meni... We love you!)
Now we've decided that we haven't created an elephant in quite a while, and elephants are nounas favorite animal so we start a new design of them...
A sweet and cuddly version of an elephant, similar to syndy we made in the past, made from cotton, cotton chenille, fleece - Everything that will be sweet, comfy and as colorful as possible...
Right now we're offering for sale Justin the hip elephant and Gaya The Red curious elephant.
More designs will be available on the next few days!
bouji and nouna tried to introduce Gaya to Justin,
but she was too jumpy for him and he terned the other way - watching the lifestyle channel, so now we need to find Gaya a friend that will be able to catch up with her...

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