Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Good morning all! We're having a new Etsy shop and a new upcoming collection

It's been a while since I wrote, and the reason is that yours truly is working like mad on promoting our Xmas sales...So far nothing and it's very frustrating!!! Anyway, I think now is a good time to announce that bouji & nouna are creating a whole new collection that would take our skills to the next level as well as being a more commercial one. Not to worry! It would still be handmade, Would still have the bouji & nouna touch but we let go of all the vintage fabrics (for now) and moving to a new technique of hand printing. This will make the collection even more unique and with freindly prices.
The new collection would have about 7-8 designs all hand printed by me according to my original paintings... The paintings will also be offered for sale as originals or prints. On that matter you can see that we expand our product range... The new collection will include: bumpers, blankets, crib sheets, crib skirt (all of those you'll be able to buy as a set or separated), pillows, toys, wall hanging and of course Apparel.
Since our new collection will be so different from the previous ones it will be upload on our new Etsy shop we have opened for this purpose at:
Mark it as your favorite or send us a convo if you'll like to get informed when the new collection is listed and available for sale.

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