Friday, August 21, 2009

What am I doing? a few thoughts about my life

I'm an independent, clever , some would say strong, stubborn, creative woman.
I make friends pretty easy, even though I don't love to socialize, I'm having a problem to take No for an answer, and determined to get the most out of life!
I am not afraid to learn and explore. In fact CHANGE is the exact thing I crave and it is what runs through my veins! I wake up everyday demanding that my day be different from the day before! I just bore easily. I challenge myself everyday and give myself a very high aims to accomplish.
I am a mother of two adorable toddlers, a wife, a daughter and a sister.
I am constantly wanting more and searching for something that will complete me.
I AM NOT a lawyer, doctor, or a CEO of a fortune 500 company.
I have a 4 year University degree - never done anything with it. I have held a corporate position, but don't wish to work a 9-5 again.
I am a good cook, I do bake. But I would’t use the word “domestic” to describe myself.
I certainly don’t shy away from challenges or new experiences but I do feel a lack of confidence sometimes.
The little things can derail my thinking and my emotions. Sometimes I lose focus and fail to take action. I do not like close minded people, negativity, arrogance or self pity. I live for the future and not in the past.
I am not “just a mom”.
Why am I writing this?
I am feeling at a crossroads, I am stuck, uncertain, confused, lost, drifting, the list could go on…. I’m missing one crucial piece of the puzzle, and this is where I need guidance.
I want to have a sense of accomplishment outside my family. I want to feel successful and fulfilled. I want to be creative, enjoy flexibility, gain respect and be a part of something bigger than myself.
And if I’m being honest…make some money while I’m at it!
Maybe I “want it all” Is it too much?
So far this plan is just don't working right... I struggle for every sale, I'm not getting enough exposure... I get a lot of compliments but have no income...
I don’t need inspiration or motivation, I got that in droves. I’m inspired each and every day by so many successful women. celebrities, business leaders, women who are out there doing it every day.
I'm feeling like I'm running out of time with this "bouji & nouna" adventure, and very soon my husband or the bank manager will force me to move on...
What I need is a chance , or a mentor perhaps.
I need this someone that would give me areal chance to spread my designs ideas through my company.
I can't even point out the kind of help I desperately need, I just know I need it...
If you're reading it, and have any suggestions, comments, resources, ideas and anything else that might help me move forward. You post it…I’ll make sure to check it out.


  1. I absolutely love love love your collection! You've got an amazing talent and a real eye for unique color combinations...very impressive! Please don't be discouraged. I have some ideas...can I convo you?