Monday, August 31, 2009

New design from bouji & nouna! La parrot-a baby ring toy

It's been a while that we walk around with the idea of creating a new baby toy...
We admit we neglected this part of our creation on behalf of other creations...
Now we finally had the time to rearrange our thoughts into our latest creation.
Presenting - La parrot - a baby ring toy, made by hand and sewing machine.
With a super cute parrot hiding underneath the rings...
Uncover him! promise you hours of play time with your baby....
We thought nouna was too big for it, but she just love it! and even bouji enjoyed play with her!
Suitable for 12m babiess and up.
Made from 100% cotton fabric, polyfil stuffing, wool felt applique.
Available soon on our Etsy shop!

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