Monday, June 22, 2009

Wanted! Some brave boutiques owners!

It's a real frustrating situation trying to insert my products to babies boutiques...
The common answer I get is that people wouldn't buy a crib bedding on a mix & match option, 'cause they have no imagination to picture themselves the total look. People prefer a ready from the bag set...
I find it hard to believe.. I think young moms love to feel they put together there's baby's bedding's. I know I just loved it when I was pregnant, It was so much fun!
Therefore I came to the conclusion that boutique owners in Israel are just too conservative and frightened from new approaches to nursery design.
I'm calling all boutiques owners worldwide! how is brave enough to try to sell my products on his/ hers boutique?
The first two owners will get a very nice offer on all of the items from my new collection.
my collection can be seen on my etsy shop. New Item are updated weekly!

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