Monday, June 29, 2009

My insperation - My mom's closet

As a little child there was one magic place at our home...

My mom had a closet that was off limit for me and He contains for me the most preaches treasures ever.

It was an old closet, full of her sewing materials - tones of fabrics and fabrics leftovers, buttons, strings, ribbons and so much more...

She also kept there her unfinished projects, fabric pieces with embroidery on them, dresses and tops parts etc.

Even though it was off limit, or maybe because of it, it was my favorite place at home. I've spend hours digging in the heaps; Playing, searching...pretending to have the most beautiful dresses. touching and feeling the different textures..

As I got older, around 12 yrs, I often took some of the left overs, sewing my self dresses I've seen on TV or magazines - all alone, without any guidance..

When I needed some spending money, I used them to create dolls witch I sold later on randoms fairs.

This secret closet was the world for me, a center of creation and imagination. I've learned that with fabric leftovers dream really can come true and hopes can become realized.

Now days, I have my own secret closet, and I keep on make dreams come true, mine and other moms elsewhere, from the treasures in it.

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