Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New collection 2009

It coming soon...
After lots of nights without sleeping, hours of planning and sewing ... my new collection is almost done...
I've really tried to get wild with this collection and realise my design sensibility to the extreme. meaning, to be totally free from every other existing babies bedding and to create something completely new.

I used my knowledge in art and craft to create a collection based on colors and shapes - two of the most important elements in any newborns life- to provide an alternative, retro, modern, urban selection of baby's mix 'n match bedding. the 2009 collection will be influenced by the retro feeling all over and will be in a very happy, with tones of bright colors.
I realise that this time my collection wont be everyone's "cup of tea" as my previous collection. but I'm sure and proud of it just as much (if not more).
In the collection I used some true original vintage fabrics along with new retro inspired fabrics which I suit to the most darling Japanese fabrics with the most adorable print witch are so naive, sweet and full of that retro feel that I just adore Hope you'll love it too!

The 2009 summer/ Autumn collection will include crib bumpers, pillows, crib sheets and clothing and should be ready for sell around June 15. than I'll start to release items to my etsy shop.
Don't miss it! May 15 ---bouji & nouna new collection...
'till than, all of the existing stock is on 50% of on the second item!!!!!

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