Thursday, December 03, 2009

nouna is having a new love!

Her name is Maya, and she's part of our nouma dolls collection.
She love her so much that we had to create a new one, just for her...
If you're not familiar with our Nouma dolls collection, we'll let us tell you a bit about them...
So what is it a Nouma doll?
Nouma mean in Hebrew go to sleep, and that is what those doll are all about!
They are an adorable handmade dolls, hand printed made from original vintage cotton and felt.
They are a unique b&n design for babies, even though they are also great for toddlers and kids of all ages!
They are easily washable and light weight and as you can see little girls just LOVE them!
Visit our shop to see some more Nouma dolls designs, We add new designs all the time but remember that they are OOAK !
so hurry before your favorite one will be sold out to another girl's loving hands...

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