Monday, January 26, 2009

CPSIA law and how it's going to effect us

Lately I've heard about this new federal law in the US.
A Lot of people tell me I have nothing to worry about since I work and live in Israel.
But sadly that's not the truth...
This law effect me and a lot of other global sellers how's got a shop on etsy web site..
most of my buyers are from the US and from February 9th I won't be able to sell them my hand made products...
hopefully someone will wake up and change this law... otherwise a lot of work at home moms will be left unemployed in the USA... Likely for me, I will be able to keep on selling worldwide...
All my fellow American work at home moms who sells baby and kids handmade products! from the bottom of my heart, I hope that this law will be changed and you'll be able to keep on selling your beautiful hand made!

Here some of my favorite Etsy sellers product:

First my own "Funky scooter"baby sleeping bag

Whimbrella shop offers those beautiful bags...

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